Alpha-Stim® Benefits to a Practice

“How can Alpha-Stim® help my practice?”

Increase customer satisfaction:

  1. Alpha-Stim® works adjunct to your practice services
    1. medical treatments
    2. alternative treatments
    3. chiropractic treatments
    4. massage
    5. therapy
    6. psychiatry
    7. dental care
  2. Alpha-Stim® works stand alone
    1. As a therapy
    2. As a clinic
    3. As a support
  3. A loaner program – loaning to clients to take home while they are in treatment program as a part of that program (built into the program)

Increase your practice revenue

  1. Rental program – loaning to clients while they are in treatment program as a part of that program (not built into the program and at a weekly fee)
  2. Sales program – buying in quantity in order to increase the revenue dollars of your practice. This ties in well with either loaner program or rental program.
  3. Weekly or BiWeekly Clinic – patients can come to your office and have a session on the Alpha-Stim®. This can be charged for a fee or not.

How the Alpha-Stim® Team supports you:

  1. We train you and your staff in use and sales of Alpha-Stim®
  2. We support you and your staff in the use, rental and sales of Alpha-Stim®
  3. We present Alpha-Stim® through workshops to patients and staff
  4. We give your patients opportunity to see, feel and try the Alpha Stim through
    1. Workshops
    2. Clinics
    3. Individual sessions

Find out more today about how we can set up a program with Alpha-Stim® and customize it to your needs please call 704-562-1630 or email or fill out the form below: