Myself and my family started using the Alpha-Stim® for personal reasons, helping my daughter through the anxiety and insomnia of OCD. She experienced great results in bringing down her anxiety and being able to fall asleep. We started then using it as a family; back aches, headaches, injuries and anxiety.

A few years down the road my youngest, who experienced extreme anxiety when his sister had her worst OCD episodes, started showing OCD signs. We immediately used the Alpha-Stim® on him and the results were substantial in turning him around.

At that point I decided to bring it into my coaching practice, Family OCD, and once again the results were amazing. I had so many clients asking how to get it that I decided to become a rep for the company, mainly to sell to my clients.

Since I work with so many doctors, therapist, chiropractors and more in my practice it only made sense to work programs out for them.

So this site is the expression of my experience and how I wish to get Alpha-Stim® out to the world.

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