AS with Animals

My son and our beagle

“I had heard of people using Alpha-Stim® for animals but until I tried it on our own dog, who suffered terribly during storms, I was convinced.” Don Grothoff

That is when I decided to work with people who care for animals. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Sheep, Goats (just make sure they don’t eat it) and more!

Paralyzed Dog Walks Again using Alpha-Stim®

If you have an animal that suffers anxiety or panic attacks from:

  • storms
  • fireworks,
  • loud noises
  • travel
  • vet visits

If you have an animal that suffers pain from:

  • bad hips
  • injuries
  • arthritus

You need to contact me.

Download FAQ’s about Alpha-Stim for Animals here 

Download Tip’s for Alpha-Stim for Animals here

Call me at 704-562-1630 or fill out the form below. I can set up a trial for your pet with the Alpha-Stim®